Workshop #5 - Bohemian Rhapsody
November 21/22/23th, 2012
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November 21th – 23th.

Notes :

During this workshop silicate met ten students of ENSAPC art school. We proposed a protocol based on designing electronic instruments from different common objects, using audio sensors and effects pedals.
Metal plate, grating, ladder, vacuum hose, fan, and other items delivered their sonic potential that we have tried to organize as an orchestra through various exercises :

  • Improvisation in small groups.
  • Improvisation and recording collective.
  • Improvisation guided by a conductor.
  • Interaction with different videos.

with :

  • Bozena JAKE
  • Juliette BROQUET
  • Hugo COHEN
  • Caroline CURDY
  • Dohyeon EOM
  • Winnie GOMA
  • Clément JANDARD
  • Fotima SHARIPOVA
  • Ji-Hoon YOO